Embarqmail Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Embarqmail Login:

Users can reach the Embarqmail login screen by typing one of two URLs on their browsers. The first URL is the original web address for the company which is, http://www.embarqmail.com. As Embarq no longer is an autonomous self standing company, upon entering this URL users are automatically redirected to the official CenturyLink site. It is for this same reason that the second URL which can be used to get closer to the Embarqmail login screen is http://www.centurylink.net.

It would seem that astute web design and a proper concern for the user experience would dictate that upon entering this rebranded page visitors would be made aware that it is intended to serve not only CenturyLink subscribers, but also former Embarq customers as well. Sadly, this is not the case. When those seeking to access the Embarqmail login section enter this site they must actively search for its location on the welcome home page as it is not readily labeled. The Embarqmail login section is relegated to the tabbed data entry box located to the right hand of the web page. It is immediately to the right of the large banner space used to rotate promotional images of CenturyLink articles and services.

Locating this data entry box, however, is not the last step in finding the Embarqmail login section. You see, the actual login section is found by clicking on the third tab of this data entry section. The tabs are labeled "Tv Listings," "Phone Book" and "Log In." It is the third tab, the one labeled "Log In" that users must click on to finally be able to access the Embarqmail login box.

As if this were not confusing enough, if a user were to inadvertently type the former main website for Embarq services, www.embarq.com, they would not be redirected to the new CenturyLink website from where they can access the appropriate tab to the Embarqmail login. No, instead they are redirected to another CyberLink website, cyberlink.com instead of cyberlink.net, from which there isn't even a link to the Embarqmail login section.

Whether this lack of attention to the needs of Embarqmail users is part of a larger plan to slowly phase out the old Embarqmail system by CyberLink, or if it is simply an omission of common sense; those who still rely on Embarqmail would be best served to take note of the proper access path to the Embarqmail login box and once found... bookmark it!